Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rusty Muscle

Meet Rusty Muscle.  We bought him about 4 years ago for a restoration project.  He is so awesome.  Our inaugural drive was nostalgic to stay the least.  There's no automatic transmission, no CD player, power windows and brakes?  haha no, Rusty is classic.  He has 3 speed on the column and a 390 under the hood.  Basically, he rocks.  When I sat in Rusty for the first time I took in the aroma of old car.  Oil, gasoline and years on the road.  It took me back to times of riding around in an old beat up trucks.  I loved it.  I snuggled up to Larry and we just took in the sounds of his engine and the wind rushing through his window vents.  We weren't grown ups that for sure...we time traveled to a time when there were no responsiblities and Jack and Diane was playing on the radio. 

Sadly, the time has come for Rusty to bring joyous memories to someone else. You see, Rusty was bought to give my husband a restoration project.  In 2008 we started another project...Katie.  As Larry points out below, he was ready for another investment.

From Larry's Ad:

1969 Ford F100 Step Side Pick Up

390 CU Engine 3 Speed
Re-furbished fuel tank; new tires; 18” Akuza wheels

$1200 firm! Don’t mean to sound like a smart aleck but I don’t need to sell it so trying to talk me down won’t work.

Truck runs great! I bought it four years ago to fix up and we decided another baby was a better investment. Now I definitely don’t have the time to work on it.

Larry and I will continue to have many adventures and embark on crazy projects that may or may not see completion.  One thing is for sure.  Marriage is adventure in itself and continues to be refreshed and satisfied being with Larry.  He is my world and I adore him.

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