Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One of the things that I am trying to learn is how to neatly fold a fitted sheet.  For some of you this might be the most ridiculous thing ever but I think maybe a few of you are slightly curious.

I have never been able to get a sheet to look like it does when you open the package.  Who cares?  Me.  They stack so neat in the linen closet when they're not all bunched up. 

C'mon, admit it...you roll 'em up and shove them in the closet or drawer.

Today I practiced on crib sheets...less intimidating.  I don't think they look too bad. 

So I'm a little impressed with myself.

Simple Mom

I've been reading the simplemom.net blog and love it!  They have now added Simple Organic, Simple Bites, Simple Homeschool and Simple Kids.  There are an amazing amount of ideas throughout all of these blogs.  Check them out @ http://www.simplelivingmedia.com/the-blogs/

Monday, February 1, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I said goodbye to my son today.  He graduated Marine Boot Camp on Jan. 22, came home on leave and then departed for his school today.  It was hard when he first left for boot camp.  Oh don't get me wrong, part of me relished the fact that his bed was made, his clothes were put where they belong and he was getting up really early.  But, letting go of your child is truly hard.  Today when he left it was a feeling of wow, he's REALLY leaving.  Like, no reason to come back except to visit.  What if he doesn't want to visit?  What if he can't because he's in another country?  Today I took a new step into motherhood...letting him go so he can do it on his own. In May I have to let another one go in a matter of speaking.  He'll graduate high school and attend college while living at home.  Some of you might think that's not really letting go but it is.  He'll respect our house rules but I am no longer responsible for his choices.  The buck stops with him, not me.  Mind you, I'm not a control freak but it's change, ya know?  Now I have two girls that require a more hands on approach to rearing them up.  One entering 9th grade in the Fall and one potty training.  Yep, you read it right.  I love every minute of it!  My blended family includes my lovely 24 year old daughter who is brilliant and is thriving beautifully as a married momma. 

My life is a complicated, noisy, blessed mess but its mine and I wouldn't have it any other way.