Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Latte to Say

I'm a huge fan of coffee.  In Clarksville we have several venues to appeal to the java minded.  There's Lasaters, Starbucks, Borders, Books a Million and a few other places that claim to have good coffee.  I love all of these places for different reasons.

Lasaters-When you walk in to their St. B location you're instantly greeted by the barista, the music is at a non-invasive level and it's a nice blend of contemporary christian music.  The seating is comfortable, the lighting is relaxing.  This is my number one favorite place to have coffee.  Their syrups are sweet enough and the coffee blend not too bitter that there's nothing to do to the coffee when you leave, just drink it.  In other places I have to add splenda because it's too bitter or not quite sweet enough.  The have a few drive thrus but sadly not the one near me.

Starbucks-Well, as some of you know, they employ my favorite coffee dude.  The atmosphere is more energized and for the simple convenience factor, they have a drive thru.  This is the 2nd reason why I frequent Starbucks.  At any given time I have 3-4 kids in my car and it's just not managable to unload, load, wrangle kids while ordering a venti double cupped stirred caramel macchiato with 3 splendas.

Borders-Bookstore and located inside the mall.  One out of two ain't bad.  I love bookstores, quiet ones even more.  I can't stand going to the mall.  Just not my thing.  Borders serves the Seattle's Best brand which I like.  The cool thing is as infrequently as I go in there (maybe 4x a year), the head barista remembers that my favorite at Borders is a large triple stirred caramel latte with 3 spelndas.  I mean as soon as I walk up to order she looks at me for a minute and then asks me if this is right and then spouts it out.  That's amazing.

Books A Million-Bookstore...a quiet bookstore with magazines in the back of the store far away from registers.  Coffee is a little strong, baristas not so engaging but I love the layout of the store.  The kids area is really cool and I can sit, sip coffee and watch Katie play with the train set.

Enjoy your coffee today regardless of where you had it brewed.

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