Monday, December 10, 2012

Refocusing Life

I've missed writing down my thoughts.  It dawned on me the other day that I don't have many opportunities to just reach out with some bit of wisdom every now and then.  In the past few weeks my very full plate has gotten cleared off a little at a time.  During the "scraping of the plate" I've managed to spend some serious quality time with my husband and daughters.  My family needed me back as much as I needed them. It's made me look inward at what else I'm missing:

I miss:
  • Mom to Mom talks
  • Play dates at Chik-Fil-A
  • Coffee with friends
  • Having moms over for a playdate
  • Sitting in a bookstore reading magazines
  • Going to the library and not rushing
  • Quality relationships that need to be reconnected

This is my bucket list over the next few months.  I need to reestablish myself within my community, church and circle of friends.  If you are in a similar position I encourage you to leave a comment so we may share in the journey.

One of His, T

Monday, May 7, 2012

Caregiver to Many

My signature on my email is Theresa...wife, momma to 5, mimi to one, caregiver to many and one of His.  I've found throughout the years I tend to get restless and feel like I'm not where I am supposed to be.  But time and time again God puts me in my place and says you my child, are a caregiver to many.  I am.  I really am.  I'm exceptionally good at taking care of people.  That's not ego.  I just recognize caregiving as a gift.  It's actually very cool to know I am supposed to take care of people as my calling.  And can I just say...caregiving is a privilege and I love it.  To those who entrust their loved ones to me, thank you.  To those who are out there needing help...see you soon.

Theresa...wife, momma to 5, mimi to one, caregiver to many and one of His.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Early Morning Rantings

4:00 a.m. and I hear 'Mommy I have to go potty'.  Mind you this comes from a 3 1/2 year old who is sleeping beside me because she regularly crawls into bed with us sometime after midnight.  Then I hear my 7 year old lab making her gotta go potty noises.

Do I give priority to the kid or to the dog?  If I wait on the dog then a potential carpet cleaning will be happening upon sunrise but if I wait on the kid then sheets, blankets, clothes need to be changed, husband will be woken up ( insert involuntary shiver here)...kid wins.  All of this happened in less than 10's amazing how fast your thought process can be at 4:00.

So off to the potty we go.  Little is sitting and says 'Mommy I want to go to the living room'...this is code for 'Mommy I want to watch TV snuggled up to you while be mentally bombarded by mindless commercials selling creepy puppet blankets that move by themselves'.  Of course she does not realize she's speaking in code. After much pleading about how it's still dark outside I get her to lay back down, yes in my bed...don't judge me.

Now on to the lab who at this point is whining and crossing her legs.  We make it to the back door and I kick her and the 5 pound dachshund out to potty.  Oh great it's drizzling and my mini mongrel doesn't like to pee in the rain.  I stand waiting at the back door in my t-shirt praying that an ax murderer doesn't try to kill me because I am SO under dressed for that.  The puppies come in and I go lay back down.  Again with the 'Mommy I want to go in the living room'.  At this moment I feel like Cee Lo Green..."Whhhyyyyyy?".  It's only 4:15 and I know with a 100% surety I am awake for the day.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quiet Time Check In

Boy have I struggled over the past week to have quiet time in God's word.  I wake up in the morning just thankful for a few minutes of quiet and not feeling motivated to have a structured devotion.  I have been praying more heartfelt prayers which has been rewarding.  My reading has been based on whatever my devotion of the day recommends and then I just keep reading until I get to the end of the story.  I got really caught up in Joseph's story.  I've read it before but this time it kind of pulled me in.  Reading about him being sold into slavery and then becoming the second most powerful man in Egypt who still loved the Lord and his family...good stuff folks.

So I'm find either another daily devotion in my Women's Devotional Bible or read about some cool character in the bible.  Hugs!