Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I have been searching for the perfect toilet paper holder.  After redoing bathrooms a few years ago we never bothered to buy replacement holders so the roll has been placed in various spots in both bathrooms.  Oh don't gasp in shock.  I'm sure there's at least one of you that's doing the same thing.  I wanted one with a magazine holder because afterall, it's the perfect place to hide and regroup.  I'm a fan of getting your business done and no dilly dallying but when someone always needs something from you....where better to hide and justify an extended absence?  I plan on stocking the magazine holder with People, Organic Gardening, Cross Word puzzles, etc.  I thought about an attachable iPod to drown out the constant knocking and "mommy" that I always here but I figured for safety purposes I should be a responsible mother and be able to yell "knock it off" from the um, lavatory with hearing unhindered.

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