Thursday, June 2, 2011

Asking For Help

Recently I put out a request for help to have someone either trim my lawn or show me how to do it correctly.  I got one reply, from my sister, asking about my kids helping.  I have asked for help before though it is rare...a simple hey I need this done can someone help, I'll pay, etc.  I don't get replies.  Why is that?  Am I too pushy?  Too independent?  Annoying?

The one time I've gotten a thorough follow up was when our home was burglarized on a Sunday morning.  The Monroe family helped lickety split and I am forever grateful for them allowing me a peaceful sleep that night.

The funny thing is if I put out a request for someone else...folks are all over it.  Which is awesome.  And confusing.  A need is a need right?  Am I asking wrong, expecting too much, on a soap box?  Speaking of soap boxes...{{off I hop}}...thanks for allowing me mine.

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