Monday, May 3, 2010

Simply Amazed

Like most of Tennessee I have been riveted to the TV watching the coverage of the flooding.  How many times have I heard "I can't believe this", "I've never seen anything like this" etc.  It truly is incredible.  The footage shows whole subdivisions submerged in muddy water.  Fish swimming down Gallatin Road?!?!?!  Unreal.  Interstates closed.  Friends stranded on the side of the road because roads are overcome with rushing water.  I expected the Governor to close the downtown State offices so employees could stay at home and avoid the downtown area.  But, he didn't. Employees were advised to use their discretion, to not put themselves in harm's way.  Translation:  stay home if you want but it will cost you your valuable annual leave.  Nice, really nice.  So, my State friends, thinking about you. 

Just in, Mayor Dean says that Nashville residents are being asked to use water for drinking and cooking only because only 1 of 2 water stations are working.  WOW.  Lots of prayers to Tennessee.

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