Sunday, June 2, 2013

Finding My Crunchiness

Unknowingly I have become part of a movement that embraces nature, thumbs its nose at what society thinks I should eat or wear or how I should raise my children.  What I considered to be an act of freedom and thoughtful independence was actually part of an ever growing state of mind to do better for our families.  I found the following definition on My additions are in red.  Enjoy.

A member of an increasingly growing group of moms who are neo-hippies.

They generally believe (for varying reasons) that there is something bad or less beneficial about buying mainstream products or doing other common activities in the mainstream way.

You might be a crunchy mom if you:

...bake all your own bread 
...make your own jam, jelly, pickles, applesauce, etc. 
...gave birth at home -- by CHOICE! (With a midwife, doula, or unassisted!) ((I did not))
...prefer to teach your children yourself at home instead of letting the public or private schools do it for you. 
...grow your own food as much as possible, and buy the rest at farmer's markets or health food stores. 
...are vegan or vegetarian. ((Semi))
...choose not to use birth control. 
...don't wear a bra or shoes.  ((I opt for the bra though I'm always barefoot))
...don't use shampoo or soap, but instead maybe sea salt or a variety of other things. ((Baking soda girl))
...had your placenta chopped up for an anti-depressant pill or smoothie. ((Um, no))
...have no television in your home -- and actually read BOOKS for entertainment! ((We do both))
...grind your own grain to make your own bread with (did you know that wheat looses about 90% of it's nutrients within 7 days of being ground?) ((Buying a wheat grinder this summer))
...don't cut your hair or wear pants (not going around half-naked, but wearing skirts! Silly people! Get your mind out of the gutter!) 
...can add 10 more things to this list that I didn't even think of!
(Urban Dictionary)

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