Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Marriage is Work

I've got a lot on my mind tonight and fortunately my blog is like my best friend.  I'm hurting.  Hurting for marriages that seem to dissolve into nothingness.  There are so many marriages crumbling apart just in Clarksville that it's truly a staggering feeling.

Have you ever had an arguement with your significant other and been so angry that you couldn't be objective enough to wonder how it's affecting the kids?  Well, meet me...Mrs. Objective.  I have in the past been a caregiver to parents who were going through very difficult times.  I prayed for them and hoped with everything in me that they would push through the tough sometimes impossible to forgive garbage and FIGHT.  During all that praying I always lifted up the little one and asked God to protect their heart.  They were obviously hurting.  Maybe they didn't understand what was going on but they felt this presence in their world that scared them.  You see, I have been that parent.  We didn't fight.  We just didn't speak.  And in the end two people chose to divorce and leave 3 children without a stable home.  Oh I remarried years later and yes I'm happy now but let me tell you something...My kids still hurt.  Still. Are you reading that?  Still, after 12 years post divorce my kids still have a hole in their heart.  So, is it worth it?  Have you done everything possible to work at your relationship with your husband/wife?  I mean everything.  Yeah?  What about praying?  What about asking for help?  What about begging that they go to counseling?  How about you go first and get the ball rolling?   See that face that is a beautiful blend of the two of you...that wonderful creation needs both of you.  NEEDS.  You're all they have.  Fight for your marriage.  The hard thing is staying and trying harder and harder each day. 

I will always be praying for you.

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